Safe-T-Link Group, LLC. was founded in 1995 and has partnered with companies in the Construction, Roofing, Industrial and Mining Markets to establish, modify, and reinforce their existing safety programs. Safe-T-Link Group, LLC. will train, reorganize, and reinforce these procedures to accomplish all the requirements that are needed for compliance for all federal, state and local regulations, the Insurance companies, and customer guidelines. The services we will provide will enable the culture of the company to achieve the highest standards of safety and health in their industry.

To achieve these goals we will develop procedures and practices that will go beyond what the federal, state and local regulations and the Insurance standards have established. The pay-off to the company will be a higher level of morale with employees; lower insurance rates, lower in-direct cost, lower rate of absenteeism, higher level of productivity, and more profits.  Establish that Safety, Quality, and Productivity will be equal partners to the success of the company. 

Safe-T-Link Group was founded by Ron Morris in 1995. In the early stages Safe-T-Link predominantly specialized in job site safety audits, since then Safe-T-Link has evolved into a leader in many different areas of safety. Safe-T-Link is a unique company offering more than the average safety demand. Because of this, Safe-T-Link has been involved with many major projects around the Kansas City Metro Area. 
Safety is an ever growing business, and having a company with experience in the industry will make the growth less painful. We look forward to working with your company to improve your overall safety. 

Past Projects Include:


Arrowhead Stadium

City of Kansas

Harrah’s Casino

Ford Motor Company


Iatan Power Plant


Meet the Owner

Nina Morris is an experienced business owner with a demonstrated history of success working in the construction industry. She is a Dixie State College graduate skilled in negotiation,
operations management, project estimation, and renovation.

She is passionate about hands-on training with an emphasis on quality vs quantity and she embeds these beliefs into Safe-T-Link’s core values. Because of this, customers that choose Safe-T-Link can count on a satisfied training experience.