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Confined Space Rescue







Any safety regulation that comes with a built-in plan for executing a rescue from the environment being regulated speaks volumes about the dangers of working in that environment!

For every 1,400 accidents reported, one results in a death or serious injury. In confined spaces, it is one in ten!

In 1993 the USA became the first country to enforce dedicated Confined Space Regulations CFR 1910.146 Industrial & CFR 1926.21 Construction on a national scale.  The regulations mandate that workers understand the hazards of working in confined spaces, and have access to a fully trained and fully equipped Rescue Team in the event of a problem and or a possible rescue operation.

The OSHA standard allows for an outside agency to provide rescue services as long as they meet OSHA requirements and be contacted prior to entering the Space.  Merely posting the service's phone number or planning to rely on the 911 emergency phone number to obtain these services at the time of a permit space emergency would not comply with the OSHA standards, nor would it be time sensitive for an emergency rescue.

Let us make you a confined space rescue plan.

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